Changes in the classroom @ HGC: igniting the creativity in every student

We are excited to announce that HGC will be trialling the innovative Apple Classroom!

Technology continues to reshape education and provide powerful features that provide our students with engaging ways of learning. Apple Classroom is an app which supports our teachers in streamlining the provision of classroom instruction. Which means there’s more time to spend engaging the students in creativity!

Apple Classroom further supports a teacher in guiding students through the stages of a lesson, seeing their progress and keeping them on track. Teachers are able to easily launch an app for the whole class or different apps for each group of students. They can easily see the progression of every student’s learning, either individually, or in groups.

This introductory program will help provide us with critical feedback on the user experience for both teachers and students.

This program will allow the teacher to share documents with the students, Airplay their screen to share their learning, mute and lock screens to bring attention to the front of the room and will allow the teacher to review the apps that students use during class. Once the class ends the connection between the teacher and student ends and the teacher will not be able to see the students iPad, therefore maintaining privacy when not in class. At no time can teachers control the student iPad in any way.

On other news keep a look out for the iPad update iOS 12, due in September this year. This free update, to all iPads produced in the last three years, will give parents the ability to monitor the Screen Time that their child has spent on their iPad, giving parents greater control over how they want their children to use their iPad.