Bring on Beijing! by Emily & Ella


Within just two weeks we visited five locations across Beijing that most people never have the chance to experience in a life time.

The Great Wall was the perfect introduction to the various array of sights we came to see. Not only did it amaze the eye, but it also awed the mind as its vast snaking walls held over 2,000 years of history. The photos taken were certainly amazing but will serve more as reminder as our phones could not truely capture the sight we saw.

At first we thought that the standard set by the wall could not be surpassed, but Tiananmen Square, The Forbidden City, The Temple of Heaven and The Summer Palace begged to differ!

It really did make you stop for a moment when discovering these incredible places that these huge masterpieces were created for one person only – the Emperor – and that we were walking the very same tiles that he did. The coloured patterns and designs on the ceilings also held a significant part in Chinese culture and history. Across the magnificent architecture spread the colours red, jade and blue, threaded with gold.

These experiences are definitely ones we will all continue to cherish, and although Beijing was certainly amazing, we can’t wait for Shanghai!

– Ella

My Beijing experience has been incredible! A typical day would start with breakfast in the cafeteria then we would go to school with students in our group from KooWeeRup, Traralgon and Wantirna Secondary colleges. First we would have self-study, then our language classes would begin. After a break and lunch we would either have a cultural class or an excursion. In cultural classes we would learn about the Chinese religions, dynasty’s and technology.

After dinner we would have time to do our homework and also prepare our HANBAN performance. The HANBAN performance was designed to demonstrate our Chinese cultural and language understanding. I personally believe that our group, Group C, showed that perfectly with a performance about the The Chinese Zodiac and how each of the animals were chosen.

Beijing was incredible but I’m sure Shanghai will be amazing as well! So far we’ve been welcomed to Shanghai by our beautiful buddies and they’ve definitely made the transition from Beijing to here very easy.

I’m extremely grateful for this learning and leadership experience. I know I will talking about this so much when I get back.

– Emily