ADA Talks to Mitch Ellis From Kansas City Royals

Today the Hazel Glen College ADA students got to have a special guest speaker Mitch Ellis present to us. This presentation looked a little different to what we were used to as we are all currently learning from home. Mitch joined one of our online Google Meets classes from his home.
We were so lucky to hear his story and for him to share some insight into how he is staying focused during this these times in isolation. Mitch is a professional baseball player for Kansas City, during his time at school, he was lucky enough to play for Australia and travel to many different places to play baseball for his country. Mitch had a hard decision to make towards the end of his schooling, whether he should stay in Melbourne Australia and play footy and be a tradie with his mates or play professional baseball in America. He knew that baseball wasn’t the most common sport in Australia and that not many of his friends were involved in it. Mitch told us how he had the opportunity to play College ball in America, which then lead to him being signed with Kansas City.

We were given the opportunity to ask questions to find out a little more about how he got to where he is today. Mitch explained that it can be hard to stay focused during these times but how important it is to focus on what you can do rather than what you can’t and from that he recommended a book ‘Mind Gym’ which he said completely changed his perspective on things after he read it.
He told us how he has had 8 surgeries and overcame adversity to achieve his goals. Every athlete gets injured at some stage throughout their career, and he explained how he was going to give up on everything after one of his surgeries, but with the support of his friends and family, he pushed through and trained harder than ever to get back on the baseball field.

It was a privilege to have such a hard working professional sportsman talk to us about the commitment required to go to the next level. We will never forget the time he took out of his day to sit down and talk to us, and the information and insight he gave us is priceless.

Koby- Year 7