Story Time at Hazel Glen Kinder

The book corner plays a vital part in the gentle introduction of literacy skills in our students. It provides a quiet space for our children which exposes them to a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction texts about the students’ inquiry topic and individual interests. This quiet space promotes critical thinking skills and enhances creative and social development.
Last week, during indoor play one of our students was looking at a variety of different books in the book corner. As she turned each page she pointed out each of the animals that were on the page. She would then tell a story as she looked at the pictures. She soon drew a captivated audience. It was wonderful to listen to her expressive intonation as she told a story about what she imagined was happening on each page. This was a beautiful shared experience for the children and a wonderful example of one of the vital steps students take towards literacy – the decoding of meaning using pictorial cues.
Frequent exposure to books and being read to is the first vital steps towards literacy.