A Wonderful Afternoon at Hazel Glen Kindergarten

At HGC we understand that parents and other special people are children’s first and continuous educators. That’s why we place such importance on fostering deep and meaningful connections between student’s school-life and home-life.

The Kinder students recently invited their dads, grandparents, uncles and other significant males to spend a very special afternoon with them at Hazel Glen Kinder.

It was a wonderful afternoon! The children started by singing to all their special guests, before heading off to individual activities. There was a photo booth with lots of silly props that were used to make some very memorable photos, there was amazing card-making activities, gardening, as well as a tinker table–with lots of creative building going on!

It was great to see the fabulous portraits the children and their special person drew of each other, as well as the careful concentration and effort that went into the bracelet making and paper plane folding activities.

The children took such great joy in the afternoon activities and there were smiles all round as each headed out the door for home. What a memorable afternoon it was!