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How Parents Can GET INVOLVED at HGC!

BUILDING A STRONG HGC COMMUNITY THROUGH PARTNERSHIPS At Hazel Glen College we are committed to building a community culture that reflects and represents our diverse and broad community. The respectful partnerships between our staff, students,...

HGC Family Portrait Fundraiser – Incredible offer!

At the HGC Family Portrait Fundraiser you can have a 20 minute photo session for just $30, including a 8x10inch print of your choice. Every photo from the session will be placed into a personal...

Cyberbullying – A Special Report

In the wake of the tragic death of 14-year-old, Amy 'Dolly' Everett, this SchoolTV Special Report highlights the dangers and risks associated with social media. Dr Michael Carr-Gregg warns parents that children under 12...

How to improve your child’s literacy and numeracy

Click here to find out how you can help to improve your child's literacy and numeracy.

Talking about online pornography

Experts say that the internet is sexualising kids too soon. The internet makes it easier for children to engage with pornography, both by choice and inadvertently. Parents are being forced to have the ‘birds...

College Council Elections 2018

Following the counting of votes for the parent members of College Council, I would like to congratulate the following parent members who were elected to Council. Congratulations to the following parents:- Craig Williams, Corinne...

How to talk about ’13 Reasons Why’ with your child

13 Reasons Why: Resources for parents and teenagers Season two of 13 Reasons Why – the Netflix show about the suicide of a teenage girl and those around her – is back on tonight. It can...

Passion (fruit), Muscles & Membership; The powerful message from HGC Fit

Catch the latest from HGC Fit here: Including Passionfruit pudding, Muscle strains - What are they? How to avoid them? and How to treat them?, Special membership offer, Rafflemania and HGC Fit's 'Member of the Week'.
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