Video: Year 9’s set their sites on their future at Focus Camp

HGC's Focus Camp sets our Year 9 students up for academic, social and personal success in the year ahead; helping students to bring their goals for the next four years into sharp focus.

Yr 10 Science gains momentum!

Year 10 science lessons have really been gaining momentum with students learning all about Newton's laws of motion. In this practical, students investigated Newton's First Law; the Law of inertia.

Calling all young multicultural girls – your future awaits!

This is a call-out to all the young multicultural women from our College to take part in Baseline's Young Women's Leadership Program. This is a free program in term two for young multicultural women...

Clubs at HGC – there’s something for everyone!

CLUBS @ HGC - There's something for EVERYONE! As part of our aim to further develop a positive climate for learning and enhance student engagement and wellbeing across the College, we host an extensive extra-curricular...

Unit 1 & 2 Biology students study photosynthesis

Question: If a plant is sad, do the other plants photosynthesise with it? Photosynthesis is arguably the most important biological process on earth. Because photosynthesis helps control the makeup of our atmosphere, understanding photosynthesis is...

HGC’S inaugural SACS are underway!

Shhhhh! Don't make a sound.....Our first Year 12 SAC is underway. Our Year 12 students have done a great job in getting down to if you come across any Year 12 Legal Studies students...

Prizes to be won for COLOURQUEST fundraising

There are so many fabulous prizes to be won when you fundraise for HGC's 2020 COLOURQUEST Colour Run. Check them our below! Every student from K-12 can now earn awesome prizes and raise money for...

Colourquest Colour Run: Fundraising has begun!

HAZEL GLEN COLOURQUEST 2020 COLOUR RUN HAS LAUNCHED. Every student from K-12 can now earn awesome prizes and raise money for our school. The colour run will be on Thursday March 5th from 5-7pm. To...
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