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Brush up on your singing and dancing – Annie is coming!

Have you always longed to perform in a musical? Have you have dreamt of being famous? Do you love to sing in the shower? Do you catch yourself dancing around your room? Do you...

Are you interested in learning a Musical Instrument?

Have you always wanted to learn a musical instrument? Perhaps you have dreams of starting a rock band or maybe you've always wanted to compose and play your own song. Learning a musical instrument is...

Middle School News

Welcome to new and existing families of Hazel Glen College for 2017! It is with great excitement that we opened our doors on Thursday 2nd February to a new cohort of Middle School students. I...

Starting the year with a Focus Camp

This week the Year 9's enjoyed the unique learning experience offered by Focus Camp. Students were challenged to worked together to overcome obstacles. It was a fantastic team building exercise that strengthened resilience, determination, problem-solving,...

New buildings, new students – a BIG start!

As you have been walking around the school grounds over the last few days you will have noticed that there have been a LOT of BIG changes to Hazel Glen College over the Summer break. You...
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