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HGC Gamecon: Coding gone wild!

Throughout the year in STEAM, Year 4 students have been learning all about computer code. Coding is a fantastic way to engage students in mathematical and computational thinking as well as a unique way...

350km! – The HGC Great Vic Bike Ride team made it!

And they’re done! Congratulations to Billie G., Aiden I., Hayden V., Matt C. and Mark F. for riding 350km over the last 4 days. The group were up at 5:30 this morning to...

HGC Giving Day – 6 Dec

Giving Day - Thursday 6th December 2018 Dear Hazel Glen Families This Christmas, Hazel Glen College would again like to coordinate a ‘food drive’ to help those families who may struggle over the Christmas period. This...

Makayla and Vicki talk about Year 8 Camp

M: Good afternoon, I’m Makayla and this is Vicki and we’re going to have a brief talk about year 8 camp. Our camp was held at Merricks Lodge along the Mornington peninsula where a...

Official Opening of Hazel Glen College Stage 3 & 4 Facilities  

On Wednesday 24th October, Hazel Glen College was proud to welcome state member for Yan Yean, Danielle Green to officially open stage 3 and 4 facilities which include: atwo-storey senior learning centre with 12 classroom,...

Video: Grace and Emily talk about the Werribee Zoo excursion

Hi my name is Emily and this is Grace and we are in year 7. This week the year 7s had the opportunity to visit the Werribee Zoo. This excursion helped broaden our knowledge...
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