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Changes in the classroom @ HGC: igniting the creativity in every student

We are excited to announce that HGC will be trialling the innovative Apple Classroom! Technology continues to reshape education and provide powerful features that provide our students with engaging ways of learning. Apple Classroom is...

Hazel Glen College Chinese students won top 3 in Victoria

Great news for Hazel Glen College! Congratulations! Language Perfect Vic Championships 2018, Hazel Glen College Chinese students won top 3 in Victoria. Thank you all to the Chinese teacher team. With the hard work of...

Year 6 Talk–Success and Leadership

A lesson for everyone on how we can overcome severe adversity to achieve phenomenal success! HGC's Year 6 students had a visit from the incredible hockey player Carly James. Carly spoke to the students about her...

Orientation Day Excitement

HGC students and staff get off to a fantastic start to 2020 during their orientation day. Students felt a few nerves and a lot of excitement as they had a taste of the new...
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