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ADA—Google Meet With Captain of Melbourne City

Whilst learning from home we were lucky enough to have Scott Jamieson from Melbourne City join one of our Google Meets.   Scott joined us and spoke to us about his life as a professional soccer...

ADA “Welcome Back” Bootcamp

Our Year 8 ADA Class completed the "Welcome Back" Bootcamp last week, it tested them as a team by challenging their mental and physical capabilities. Students had to work battle ropes around the College while...

Meet Our MS Sports Captains

Hi, I’m Maddie and I am so happy to have received the role of Sports Captain! I am a member of the Athlete Development Academy for Race Walking and Cross Country. Being in the ADA...

The Art of Haiku

Our Year 5 students have been studying poetry, and as an introduction to the topic, they have been learning about the traditional Japanese poetry of Haiku. These poems are 3 lines long with the syllable...

HGC Covid-19 Signage

Please take note of the following signs that are on display throughout the College. We kindly ask that all of the Hazel Glen College community adhere to them.

Principal’s Address—Returning to School

Summary of the Principal’s address to the community: On Monday, May 25, all staff will return to work at the College. This is a pupil free day. There will be NO SUPERVISION provided on this day. ...

Victorian School Sports Awards Outstanding Sporting Achievement Winner Dylan

Congratulations to Dylan on winning the Victorian School Sports Outstanding Sporting Achievement Award. This is a huge achievement and HGC is extremely proud of you for your hard work and dedication.

Camp Arrabri — Magical Memories Made

Year 5 HGC students had the time of their lives exploring nature, going on a giant swing, conquering a ropes course, learning archery and gold panning. At camp, the students were encouraged to...

An Important Message From the HGC PE Team

The HGC PE Team challenges you to stay active and to have fun!
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