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Trick Shot—Challenge Accepted

When challenged by their PE teachers, our MS students had a load of fun and replied in style!  

HGC Trick Shot Challenge

Some of our very talented MS teachers have shown off their skills and put together this fun video to challenge our MS PE students to produce their own trick shot. Game on!

Coronavirus- A Poem by Antara

There is a virus around the globe. Making everyone stay at home. Children and adults not using their brains, Everyone is going insane! Online school is literally a terror, iPad screens saying ‘ERROR’. This is not fair. This situation is so...

College Wellbeing Support

Just a reminder that throughout Term 3, the College Wellbeing Team are here to support the needs of students, families and the wider community. Our College Wellbeing Team will be working alongside Leadership and teaching...

Learning From Home— MS Student Reflection

Hello, my name is Oviya and I am a grade 5 student at HGC. Being a student in these times has both its challenges and its benefits. For instance, some of the benefits include having more...

ADA Chats with Dean Vickerman—Head Coach, Melbourne United Basketball Club

On Tuesday 4 August- the pupil free day, the Athlete Development Academy for years 7 and 8 had a chance to have a google meet with the Head Coach of Melbourne United Basketball Club,...

ADA—The Greatest Team

During the first semester, the Athlete Development Academy competed in a competition based around the old TV series "Rexona's Greatest Athlete". In teams, students completed a range of challenges to earn points, with the winners...

ADA—Google Meet With Captain of Melbourne City

Whilst learning from home we were lucky enough to have Scott Jamieson from Melbourne City join one of our Google Meets.   Scott joined us and spoke to us about his life as a professional soccer...

ADA “Welcome Back” Bootcamp

Our Year 8 ADA Class completed the "Welcome Back" Bootcamp last week, it tested them as a team by challenging their mental and physical capabilities. Students had to work battle ropes around the College while...

Meet Our MS Sports Captains

Hi, I’m Maddie and I am so happy to have received the role of Sports Captain! I am a member of the Athlete Development Academy for Race Walking and Cross Country. Being in the ADA...
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