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Brush up on your singing and dancing – Annie is coming!

Have you always longed to perform in a musical? Have you have dreamt of being famous? Do you love to sing in the shower? Do you catch yourself dancing around your room? Do you...

Are you interested in learning a Musical Instrument?

Have you always wanted to learn a musical instrument? Perhaps you have dreams of starting a rock band or maybe you've always wanted to compose and play your own song. Learning a musical instrument is...

Hazel Glen Heroes – Week 2, Term 1

Year Level Student Value Prep A Amelia H Relationships Prep B Skylah R Resilience Prep C Ediz A Respect Prep D Chloe F Responsbility Prep E Jacob S Resilience Prep F Giulia V Respect Prep G Syaheizy M-R Respect Prep H Nevina B Responsbility Prep I Precious M Relationships Prep J Sienna S Relationships Prep K Mia M Respect 1A Jett P Respect 1B Iesha G Responsibility 1C Madison D Respect 1D Olivia L Responsibility 1E Kori H Responsibility 1F Marcus M Respect 1G Ryan R Respect 1H Noah C Respect 1I Skyla R Respect 1J Riley G Relationships 2A Riley...

Junior School News

A Wonderful Start There was such a great buzz around the Junior School last Thursday morning as our students entered the playground ready to begin the brand new school year. The grounds were full of...

We welcome our new Prep students

The first day of the new school years is an exciting time for both teachers and students. This is especially true for children starting Prep for the first time. Today the HGC community welcomed the...
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