Junior School Newsletter

Hello, I’m Anthea Jamieson, the Junior School Principal at Hazel Glen College. This week in our eNews, I hope you enjoy watching and listening to our 2 Junior School Leaders Amelia and Vithush from Year 4 as they present what it means to be a leader at the college and their hopes and ideas for our Junior School.

Curriculum Day

We had a fantastic Curriculum Day on the 5th of March. Thank you to Rebecca Richards, Dave Roberts and the JS Domain leaders for leading our Junior School in our focus on the teaching and learning of vocabulary using the Data Wise Inquiry Model. We are very excited about what staff will learn through this inquiry model, which supports teachers to analyse student data and guide them in improving student literacy and vocabulary outcomes.

Did you know that the difference in vocabulary levels is a key factor in disparities in academic achievement? This means that the more we talk with our children around the dinner table about a variety of topics from a young age and the more we listen to our children read and read with and to them from a very young age, the more chance we are giving them to succeed in life academically. Who doesn’t want that for their children? Happy reading!


Vocabulary is a predictor of content area performance.

(Espin & Foegen, 1996)

The more extensive a student’s vocabulary, the more likely he or she will be academically successful.

Vocabulary instruction is effective in narrowing the achievement gap.

(Marulis & Neuman, 2011)


Student Agency

Our Year 2 team is leading the work being done with Wabisabi Future Focused Learning. The aim of this work is to increase student agency in their own learning. By empowering students, we enhance student engagement and enrich their participation

  • We help students to ‘own’ their learning and development.
  • This helps to create a positive climate for learning

There is some amazing work being done by our teachers which puts HGC at the forefront of 21st Century teaching and learning.

Parent Teacher Interviews

We are looking forward to the opportunity to share with parents and carers at our Parent/Teacher Interviews on Wednesday 24th March. Interviews will take place online.

Everyone Belongs Week – Mon 15th March to Friday 19th March

An amazing week of activities and learning for our students focusing on kindness, inclusion and diversity. Our theme of “Everyone Belongs” covers a number of important days in Australia. We are celebrating and promoting learning that fosters an environment against bullying and violence with the National Day of Action “Bullying: No way!.” We will also celebrate the lives and achievements of people with Down Syndrome and continue to raise awareness about the importance of diversity and inclusion. Harmony Day on Friday celebrates Australia’s cultural diversity and we will focus on inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone in our Hazel Glen College community.

The week will culminate with our JS assembly and everyone wearing their bright, odd socks! The assembly will be live streamed with a link sent out to all families. We hope you enjoy watching the celebrations.

Grounds & Maintenance

Our maintenance crew are very busy developing a new entry point for some of our Year 1 grades. A new high fence, path and play area at the front of the JS will enable Year 1 parents of 1 A,B and E,F to drop off and pick up their children from the side classroom doors. This should be completed in the holidays, ready for Term 2.

Junior School Advisory Group

We had a great first meeting of our advisory group with 11 JS parents in attendance joining Lisa Stafford (AP Operations/Wellbeing), Rebecca Richards (AP Curriculum) and myself. We covered many areas of interest in our discussion including our learning focus for the term, our JS structures and the professional learning being offered to our staff. 

There was a great discussion focused on the JS canteen and the volunteers needed to run our over the counter sales. The group had the opportunity to read the HGC Bullying Policy and ask questions around the document. 

I would like to thank all of the parents who made it on to this very important group. We look forward to sharing more and getting your essential input.

Parent Helpers

We are hoping to start our parent helpers back into our classrooms next term. All helpers must have completed the training course at Hazel Glen College and must have a current Working With Children Check. We will be running an online training course early in the term. Please keep a lookout on Compass for more information to come regarding helping in the classroom.

Easter Hat Parade

Yay it’s back!! This will be held on the last day of term at 9 am on the JS oval, weather permitting. We look forward to seeing lots of parents there to cheer our students on. Parents will need to sign in with a QR code. If it rains the parade will need to be cancelled and run in classrooms. Unfortunately, parents will not be able to attend in this situation.

Please continue to keep the lines of communication open between yourselves and the classroom teachers. You are welcome to call, email or book a face to face meeting whenever you have a question or concern or just need to clarify information. 

Anthea Jamieson

Junior School Principal

Middle School Newsletter

Hello, I’m Carolyn Bamberg, the Middle School Principal at Hazel Glen College. It is hard to fathom that this time last year, our College was plunged into our first lockdown. In Term 1 last year, students, teachers and parents alike faced uncertainty and fear as the growing COVID 19 pandemic threatened life as we knew it. Our school community were suddenly faced with the thought of Google Meets, Google Classroom, and Webex, and new vernacular like “you’re on mute” and “turn your cameras on” became the norm. Students struggled to get themselves to their computers on time, filled their days with trick shot challenges, and missed their friends dearly.

Here we are, 12 months down the track, thankfully COVID and mask free, able to enjoy face to face learning again. We still have a road ahead of us in healing ourselves, our community an catching up with what’s lost, but great to see us doing this together.

Junior School Leaders

A very big congratulations to Julia, Noah, Riley and Mikayla, our Middle School Captains. These students have already contributed to the College this year, and are growing in their leadership and confidence each day.

This process of selection for our Middle School Leaders is rigorous and competitive. Congratulations to the following students who were successful in these roles:

MS Captains Noah S Julia N
MS Vice Captains Rylee M Mikayla C
Stynes House Captains Olivia S Kyra S
Chang House Captains Aurora B Isabelle Q
McGrath House Captains Onethra K Alfie S
Goodes House Captains Taylen S Layla D
Wood House Captains Camden P Jordyn M
Beachley House Captains Chamithi A Luke S
Performing Arts Ellie F
Visual Arts Antara A
STEAM Charlie S Ned H
Sustainability Ezekiel T Gurteg S
SRC – Year 5 Samuel S Emilia L
SRC – Year 6 Ollie P Isabelle M
SRC – Year 7 Avaline G Michael A
SRC – Year 8 Norah V Sajani J

Term 1 Events

This week we celebrated Harmony Week across Middle School. The theme this year is “Everyone Belongs”. We have held an important assembly, Home Group Activities, PEP class, lunchtime clubs and a staff breakfast for the week. One of our teachers, Mr Story, shaved his head for the World’s Greatest Shave. Our leaders were presented with their badges, and our students heard from the College Captains about what it means to be an upstander in the community.


We also held our annual Swimming Carnival on Thursday for years 7-12. This is a really important event on our calendar in which we celebrate school spirit and connectedness. It’s not all about winning, but participating and belonging to something and a community.

Our Grade 5 students attended Camp Arrabri in Warburton for three nights. Our students learnt about overcoming obstacles, working together and contributing to a team across the four days. Apart from the lack of sleep and mozzie bites, the students had a really great time. Camps are an important part of Middle School, as it emphasises and develops the personal skills needed to succeed in later life, like resilience, communication, courage and determination.

Excursions are also an important part of the educational program in Middle School. We have had an ADA excursion to the MCG, and our Year 7 students evaluated Melbourne’s liveability through a Humanities excursion to Eureka Tour and a cruise down the Yarra. It was so great to see our students able to explore their community again.

Upcoming events:

  • Wednesday 24th March: Parent Teacher Interviews (this is a student free day. Please book appointment times on Compass. All appointments will be held on Webex)
  • Thursday 1st April: Last Day Term 1

Reading and Vocabulary

This semester, staff College-wide are engaging in professional learning about the importance of explicit, intentional vocabulary instruction. We have also been learning about the importance of incidental vocabulary development through high-quality texts and conversations. It has been widely researched and reported about the importance of reading for student academic success, and the need for exposure to many different words both at school and at home. We encourage you to support your child’s vocabulary development at home by:

  • Reading aloud to your child each night (alternatively, set them up with an audiobook for the car)
  • Ensuring your child completes their independent reading each night
  • Talking with your child about age-appropriate issues
  • Turning on the news
  • Join your local library

20 minutes of reading each night will make a huge difference to the number of words students learn, and research draws a close link between this reading and academic success.

Carolyn Bamberg

Middle School Principal

Senior School Newsletter

House Swimming Carnival

On Thursday 18th March the sun shone and we were able to hold our first Year 7 -12 swimming carnival. It was a fantastic day and it showcased the House spirit as the event is based on participation and not the traditional swimming races. Students were able to participate in free swimming, the inflatable obstacle course, the ever-popular waterslides, they could have fun with the bombing competition or even compete in races. This Year was the first time our Year 12 students have been able to make their mark on the swimming carnival and it was great to see the whole year level dressed up and parading around the pool to music to mark the official start to the carnival.

Interim reports and Parent Teacher Interviews

Please note that Interim reports of a students work habits will be released prior to the Parent teacher interviews on Wednesday the 24th March. Interviews will once again be via Webex, video conferencing following positive feedback from parents last year. This is an opportunity to see how your child has settled into the start of Term 1 and a chance to meet the Senior School teachers. Please book interviews via Compass.

Year 11 VCAL Health and Wellbeing Excursions

As part of the integrated “Health and Wellbeing” unit the Year 11 VCAL students have combined their Personal Development and Work-Related studies unit. Prior learning and planning led to a fun day out with an excursion to IceHQ (Icestaking), Northland Shopping Centre and Latitude.

Year 9 City Experience

Year 9 students have been able to start their City experience program, after learning about the City through virtual activities and undergoing a Metro trains safety program, Home Group teachers led a guided trip to the City. Subsequent excursion have allowed students to visit the City more independently by travelling and meeting the teachers at Federation Square. Students have participated in a city challenge as well as public transport activity where they have learnt to travel on different modes of transport. Organisational plans have been adapted to spread student numbers across trains to ensure social distancing as well as students having to wear masks on public transport.

Key Dates

Wednesday 24th March – Parent Teacher Interviews

Thursday 1st April – Last day of Term 1 3 pm finish.

Neil Baillie

Senior School Principal

College News