Welcome to our final newsletter for 2020. 

Junior School Captains 

I would like to thank our 2020 Junior School captains Charlotte and Sam for the amazing job they have done leading our Junior School during a very tough year. They have been excellent role models for all of our students and have contributed to lifting our spirits with their consistent positive attitudes. Charlotte and Sam have had to do their job very differently this year, however, they been brilliant in adjusting to online presentations and anything else we have asked of them. We wish them the very best for their future, the Middle School is very lucky. 

Well done to all of the Year 3 students who are currently putting effort into their applications to lead our Junior School in 2021. We are really looking forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas. It will once again be a very difficult decision to make. 


Our staff are very busy finalising reports which will be made available in the last week of term. 

The Department of Education and Training has recently adjusted the expectations around student reporting for Semester 2 in recognition of the continued disruption caused by COVID-19, this means they will look a little different when you receive your report at the end of this term. 

If your child remains at the same level over this period of time, please do not be alarmed. Our teachers have spent time allowing your child to consolidate and revise their learning in preparation for a strong learning foundation in 2021. Teachers have been informally assessing your child’s progress and will continue to identify areas of growth, challenge and improvement. This information will be passed onto your child’s teacher for 2021. 

Meet the Teacher

On Wednesday 9 December we will be holding our 2021 Year 1 to 9 Meet the Teacher Day.   

Whilst every attempt will be made to match student/parent preferences, there is no guarantee that all requests can be met. It is our priority to create balanced classes where students will work well together, with the primary emphasis being on improving learning outcomes for all students. 

Moving to Middle School – Year 4s

On Friday 11th December, we will acknowledge the Year 4 students’ Junior School journey with our Moving to Middle School celebration. This group of students have consistently displayed our College values in their learning and their interaction within our community. We are very proud of our year 4s who have been wonderful role models to our younger students. Thank you to our brilliant Year 4 team of teachers and the Instructional Leader, Dave Roberts, for giving our students a fantastic year and what I am sure will be a beautiful send off. I wish our students the very best in their continued journey through our College.  

Giving Day

On Thursday 3rd December we will be holding our annual Giving Day, which will be a little different this year. Students may come in casual clothing and support families in need by donating a gold coin to contribute to vouchers being organised by Terry and Carmel from St Vincent de Paul.

Thank you for your support of this wonderful organisation.

Thank you

2020 has been a very challenging year, with many special events having to be modified or cancelled, due to the COVID 19 restrictions. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our staff for their hard work and dedication to each and every one of their students. They had to switch to remote learning with very little preparation and they continued to do their very best to support all of their students and families. I am extremely proud to be a part of this special group of educators. They deserve a relaxing holiday to fuel up ready for another great year in 2021.

Thank you to all of our parents and carers for the way in which you embraced remote learning this year and worked in partnership with us to continue the teaching and learning of our children. We look forward to working with you next year, hopefully without remote learning having to occur.

Lastly, thank you to our students who have been so very resilient and continue to come to school with big beautiful smiles for their teachers. It’s an absolute privilege to come to work each day and be surrounded by such enthusiasm.

I would like to wish our Hazel Glen community a very Merry Christmas. Enjoy the holidays and please stay safe.

Anthea Jamieson

Junior School Principal

Hello. My name is Carolyn Bamberg and I am the Middle School Principal at Hazel Glen College.

What a year.

As Melbourne officially overcomes the second wave of COVID 19, and the city awakens to warmth and celebration, this is the perfect time to reflect on 2020 for our young people, and our community.

As I have said previously, this has been the hardest and most exhausting year to date of my career, and the career and indeed lives of most people have never seen anything like it. It’s been tough.

But I don’t want to dwell on the difficulties of this year, but focus on the strength that will be garnered as a result.

Our students have developed tremendous resilience, fortitude and adaptability through this experience. They have learnt an enormous amount about the world, and about themselves. They may be looking tired, and so are many of the adults at the College, but I am so pleased to be amongst such capable young people every day.

Middle School Captains

I would like to thank our Middle School student leaders, Cooper, Lujain, Abby and Cohen, for providing a voice for students this year, and being there for their peers when they needed it most. These leaders continue to set the tone and expectations for everyone to learn from, and I’m sure they will possess many leadership roles in their futures.

Moving to Senior School – Year 8s

I’d like to wish our Year 8 students all the best as they head into Year 9 next year, thereby moving into the Senior School. I hope you take the knowledge and experience you have gained into the Year 9 program designed to align you with future pathways.

Thank you

I’d like to thank our College community and you, the parents, for turning your life upside for your kids, for providing the care and support when we couldn’t during lockdown, and helping your kids transition back to COVID normality.

Lastly, I’d like to thank the wonderful teachers and staff at Hazel Glen College for their relentless commitment to the education of our young people.

In these last few weeks, we want to ensure our College is a positive place, and students hold high expectations of themselves and their learning. With your support, we are working to ensure students feel confident to enter 2021 as learners and contributors to our college community.

On behalf of the Middle School Leadership Team, we wish you all the best for a happy and relaxed holiday season. Thank you.

Carolyn Bamberg

Middle School Principal

Term 4 Senior School Newsletter

As the school year is moving into its final phase it is traditional to reflect on the year that has been and the memorable achievements that have occurred.

This year has certainly not been traditional and whilst it has had its significant challenges there have also been achievements and milestones reached.

2020 started with expectations of reaching the full growth and completion of the College with the first group of Year 12 students.

We went on the Year 12 study camp in February and enjoyed a fantastic two days of building teamwork skills, developing study skills, preparing for the English studies that were to come and preparing for the physical and mental challenges that were to come.

Little were we to know that we would not reach the end of Term 1 before school became an online learning platform for everyone.

Term 1 allowed our Year 9 students to attend their first focus camp at Warrandyte and thankfully they were able to use this experience to be able to build relationships with their peers and teachers.

City experiences were able to get underway but sadly the program was cut short as we transitioned to remote learning.

I know how disappointed our Year 9 teachers and students have been that they have not been able to engage with all of the experiential activities that our program has provided in the previous three years.

Remote learning with the use of Google classroom and video conferencing was thrust upon teachers and students and I will acknowledge and commend the speed with which teachers across Senior School learnt new skills for online teaching and made adjustments to the curriculum to enable a program of teaching and learning to get underway.

I understand the challenge that this placed on students and parents as we moved rapidly to learning online.

Some students have loved the flexibility and self directed approach that this often allowed and other students found this incredibly challenging and craved the return to a more traditional and face to face learning model.

Lockdown and remote learning was a challenge for everyone and I would like to praise the overall resilience of our Senior Students who have toughed it out this year but have got the job done.

Thank you

I would like to thank the parents of senior students for their support as we understand that whilst many students were self directed and motivated many were supported and directed by their parents who were often also challenged by working remotely.

It was with great relief and some excitement that our students across Senior School returned during the first few weeks of Term 4.

Our Yr 12 students returned in week one for the GAT exam that went smoothly, and the VCE and VCAL students made a swift return to face to face teaching in Week 2.

Whist they are the students who have had the most attendance on site this year we also acknowledge the disruption to VCE students.

However, the students and teachers have understood the work that needed to be done and have just got on with finishing Year 11 and 12 units and preparing for their relevant exams.


Year 9 and 10 students returned back in Week 4 and the focus of their return has been around re-establishing routines, engaging students and undertaking the concept of a “recovery curriculum”.

Teachers across all subjects have aimed to involve a lot more practical work and get students engaged in face to face teaching.

Year 9 have undertaken team building type activities that they would have done on focus camps but this was done onsite and the students seemed to enjoy this.

Year 12

A significant milestone this year for both the College and our students has been the completion or Year 12 and with only a handful of VCE exams to go this is now very close.

Whilst restrictions of gatherings have prevented many events this year we were pleased to be able to celebrate the last day of Year 12 for our students.

Next week our Year 12 students will be able to attend our formal Graduation ceremony to be recognised as successfully completing their final year of school.

We certainly look forward to being able to meet with them in person to celebrate this achievement and milestone.

Early Start

Across the next few weeks our Year 8, 9, 10 and 11 students will experience an early start day or week where there will be orientation activities and lessons that will introduce them to the Year ahead.

We hope that this will provide some normality with the transition to higher year levels and new subjects that they will study next year.

I wish all students and parents a safe, restful and relaxing Christmas break after what has been a unique and challenging year for all.

I look forward to seeing all of the Senior School students when they return in 2021 for hopefully a more traditional and less disrupted year.

Neil Baillie

Senior School Principal

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