2020 – Term 2 Newsletter 4

Well, we did it! We made it through Term 2! 

One that over time I hope I can process with specific clarity on what we have collectively actually accomplished.

Thinking back to the end of last year, I thought the new phone policy was the biggest issues we were going to be faced with…. Wow, how wrong was I?

So how do I assess the success of the College across semester one, what criteria have I used and like all assessments, what evidence do I have?

I have chosen 3 categories for reflection and assessment:


Their amazing adaptability and flexibility to change and thrive. All the research continues to reinforce the plasticity of a child’s brain to adapt and overcome to their environments well they have certainly done that. The feedback we have received from students and parents has strongly indicated that most students accepted the challenges of remote learning and continued on with their studies and learning. I am extremely proud of every student in the college and know that we all faced our own personal challenges differently and succeeded in a diversity of ways in the most difficult of circumstances. 


I have said this many time but it is my honour to work with such dedicated and committed staff that place students at the forefront of everything they do. Their work ethic and drive to just do what is needed for the students they teach and care for is second to none. Staff continued to provide unbelievable support to each other during remote learning during difficult times. The College leadership’s, consistent support, care and guidance to each staff member they lead was truly incredible. This is what makes HGC an amazing place to work for staff and learn for students.

Our Parents

I hope you enjoyed the video of our students saying “THANK YOU” to all Mums and Dads. I have spoken to many parents and they have shared their stories of home learning and challenges to work, care and educate their child all at the same time. This is why you deserve and get (The Hazel Glen Hero award) of our respect and appreciation for everything you have done to support your family over the past 14 weeks. Your feedback and consistent words of encouragement to me personally and to staff has been very well received.

I would like to personally thank Anthea Jamieson for her leadership and guidance as College Deputy over the last 6 months while I was jumping between both HGC and MCC. Her work ethic and dedication to run the college in my absence has been amazing.

My time at Mernda Central College concludes at the end of the holidays and I know they will be in very capable hands moving forward. What is our loss is now Mernda Central College’s gain with Anthony Oldmeadow being appointed the new Principal.

He is with me today and would like to say a few final words to you all:


Anthony Oldmeadow

Thank you, Anthony. It has been an absolute honour for me to work at Hazel Glen College over the past 6 years since commencement in 2014. 

Witnessing first-hand the growth and development of this amazing educational precinct and community has been a proud journey for me personally and professionally.  

I would like to thank the amazingly dedicated staff at Hazel Glen who, forever amaze me in their care and compassion for the students at this College. 

They constantly go above and beyond and I cannot thank them enough for their ongoing support throughout my time at the College. I would also like to thank Anthony Stockwell for his inspiring leadership.  

He has set up an amazing College, and culture within Doreen and certainly is to be admired for his commitment to this and the wider Mernda community over the last 6 months. Hazel Glen will continue to thrive under his leadership and I look forward to personally working closely with Anthony in my new role as Mernda Central Principal. 

Finally, I would like to thank the community that I hold so dearly to my heart as a member of both Laurimar and Hazel Glen schools. You are an amazing group of caring and supportive people building such a strong foundation for our students. I am only just heading over the road and looking forward to continuing to build strength in our area and an unmatched Northern Suburb community to work, live and play for us all. Thanks again and see you soon.

Thank you,

Anthony Stockwell