Dear Hazel Glen Families

I hope that everyone had a well-earned break and had the opportunity to get out and enjoy some of the sunshine!

We have come to the business end of the season where many students over the coming weeks will start to prepare for their final key assessment tasks, tests, exams and transitions.  This time brings fluctuating emotions of excitement and joy as the year comes closer to an end but also brings some levels of additional pressure and stress that many students put on themselves to perform to the best of their ability and also of the unknown.

This time requires parents to provide that little bit extra care and love for your children during this period of time.  Picking up on the subtle changes in behaviours, body language and words spoken will give you all the early signs needed to ensure that your children know they have your support.

I have recently had confirmation regarding the additional relocatable needs of the College, which has been extremely pleasing.  We will be receiving two additional double story portables with many additional general purpose classrooms and specialist rooms to cater for the growth for 2020.  We will soon warmly welcome many external workers on site as they commence placing the new portables on site.

Behind the scenes significant work is being completed in the construction of the 2020 student and staff timetables, accommodating staffing requests and subject selections senior school students.  This will also provide us with the direction of new staff required to fill positions being created by the addition of our first Year 12 cohort.

I would like to welcome back all of the staff and students who recently visited our two sister schools in the Kimberly Region, Western Australia and thank both Billiluna and Ringer Soak communities for their hospitality and generosity in deepening the partnership between our three schools.  What amazing photos, stories and memories have been shared in the first few days of this term by many staff and students.

In the next few weeks we have our Year 9 Young Leaders to China program departing, led by Mr Ho.  This is a six week in-country immersion program to develop student language, cultural and leadership skills.  We wish them all the very best for a safe and successful trip.

Over the coming weeks we will be running our Year 7 and Prep parent information evenings where we will formally welcome all new students and parents to the College for the first time.  Please keep a look out for dates and invitations to these events.

I would like to wish all students a successful Term 4 and thank staff for their ongoing commitment and dedication to providing students with the best possible education while supporting their needs holistically.

Best wishes
Anthony Stockwell
College Principal

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