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Welcome to this week’s newsletter, I’m Anthea Jamieson, Junior School Principal.

Year 3 and Year 4 Camps

Our Year 3 camp to Lady Northcote is approaching very quickly. The students are very excited, for many it is their very first camp on Wednesday 11th – Friday 13th September. I want to assure any nervous parents that our wonderful staff will ensure that all of our students are well cared for and will have lots of fun together. It’s a great opportunity for our year 3 students to step out of their comfort zone and participate in many challenging activities and explore new friendships.

Our Year 4 camp is happening the following week on Monday 16th – Wednesday 18th September when they go to Phillip Island. Our year 4s are experienced campers, having enjoyed camp last year. We wish them the best time and hope they take advantage of all the opportunities available to them.

Our year 4 students have put together some handy tips for going on camp which are important for students and parents alike. Please check out their video on this website.

Student Led Conferences

Our students did a wonderful job sharing their learning at our Student Led Conferences on Thursday.

The teachers were very proud of how the students were able to articulate their learning goals and how they achieved them. I’m sure as parents, you were blown away by the great learning that is happening in the classrooms.

Naplan Results 2019

During term 2, our grade 3, 5, 7 and 9 students undertook NAPLAN for 2019. This included 3 days of national standardised testing on Literacy and Numeracy. The reports have arrived and have been sent home to families.

Giant Maths Games

We would like to say a very big thank you to Kodee Corr, one of our wonderful Year 10 students. Kodee has designed and made these fantastic giant maths dominoes and checkers for the Junior School. Kodee runs her own successful business however she is also very generous with her acts of kindness. You can check out her designs on her Instagram page koco.kreations.

A very big thank you also to one of our HGC dads, Martin Struve, who cut the pieces out for Kodee at his business – So Good Cabinets in West Heidelberg.

We really appreciate the time and money that both Kodee and Martin have donated to our school.

Please check out our Facebook page for more photos.

House Performing Arts Day

The Junior School Performing Arts Day is next week on Tuesday 10th September. Our students and teachers have been working tirelessly on their performances which always leads to an amazing day where our students and teachers come together to sing and dance and try to win the trophy for best House performance. The performances will commence in the Furze Fitness Centre from 11:15am -1:15pm. The order of the performances are as follows:

Intro – JS Performance Club
Stynes – Shake it off
Goodes – Footloose
Beachley – Can’t stop the music


Chang – Firework
McGrath – Canned Heat
Wood – Happy

Due to the day’s organisation, we are unable to provide the specific time each house will be performing.

Please refer to the Compass notification/notice as to the dress requirements for your child/ren.

Parents/Guardians are encouraged and most welcome to attend and please feel free to dress in your House colours too!

We look forward to seeing you there.

Footy Day

This year, Footy Day will be held on the last day of term, Friday 20th September. The students from P – 4 will be involved in activities throughout the day which are partially being run by our fabulous Year 11 VET students. This year there will no assembly in order to provide more time for all of our students to complete the activities. More information will be out on Compass shortly.

Book Week

In Week 6 we celebrated Book Week and the joy that literature brings to our lives. I would like to thank our Book Week team of staff who worked really hard to organise engaging activities for all students to help celebrate the week.

I would also like to thank Mr Dave Roberts and our librarian Pina for their work in organising the Book Fair. This was a huge success with many parents supporting this fundraiser by offering their time or/and coming and buying books. We will soon have details of how much money we will be able to spend on new resources for our school.

The dress up book character day and parade was a highlight as usual. All students and teachers looked fantastic and I would like to thank parents, students and teachers for their outstanding efforts. We certainly have a very creative community and we all obviously LOVE dressing up!

Thank you

Anthea Jamieson

Junior School Principal

Junior School News

National Science Week
National Science Week was celebrated at Hazel Glen College during week 5 of this term. This year’s theme is ‘Destination moons; more missions, more science. This theme was a way for teachers and their students to discover past missions to the Moon and space programs that have solved some of the seemingly unsolvable problems—and current and future space programs, operations and missions. During the week students were involved in various lunchtime activities ranging from Space themed movies and essay competitions, to designing air powered rockets and constructing shock absorbing landing pads for Moon landings. The week culminated in the students designing and testing their own ablative shielding for space shuttles, with several designs able to protect an egg from the heat of a blow torch for over two minutes! Thanks to our Science Department, led by Sam Montanaro, for helping us celebrate such an important subject.

Book Week
From Science week, we headed straight into Book week. Book Week is also celebrated by schools around Victoria. This week gave schools an opportunity to recognise the important part literature plays in our lives. I would like to thank and acknowledge our English Department for their hard work in organising engaging activities for all Middle School students to help celebrate the week. The dress up book character day was an absolute highlight. All students looked amazing and the efforts were outstanding. There is no question that students love dressing up and having fun, no matter what their age.

House Performing Arts
The Colleges House program continues to grow in strength as we head to our Performing Arts competition. This is being held on Wednesday 11th September. The students will use Period 1 and 2 to complete their final rehearsals. Their final performances will take place in the gym during period 3 and 4 (11.15am to 1.15pm). Each house has been working so hard this term to put together a short performance based on a theme around ‘Just Dance’. Good luck to all Houses! We hope to see many parents in the gym supporting this brilliant House event.

Year 5 Information Night
We are holding a 5 Information session on Monday 9th November. We will present on our Middle School philosophy, structures and core curriculum and provide an insight into what Middle School is like for our students. Parents will be provided with opportunities to ask questions and seek clarification on any of the information presented by staff and students. We encourage all our existing year 4 parents and students to join us for this evening.

Parent Teacher Interviews
We would like to thank all our families that came to the parent teacher interviews last Thursday, 5th September with their child/children. I hope you found the interviews informative and a great opportunity to further develop your relationship with your child’s teachers. As always, please continue to commmunicate with your teachers if you have any further queries about your child’s progress.

Mobile Phone Use While at School
I would like to remind all parents that we request our students stay off their mobile phones and any social media forums while at school. We understand students have access to Mobile phones but ask they do not contact family members during the day. If parents need to be contacted for any reason, the College will make this contact. Thank you for your understanding and continued support in the use of mobile phones.

Student Pick Up from School
Finally, Hazel Glen College values your child’s learning being uninterrupted and is constantly taking all actions to ensure as little disruptions to class as possible. One of our biggest distractions is the collection of students during class time. In order to minimise these distractions, we are asking parents to only collect their students during Recess (between 10.45am and 11.15am) or Lunchtime (1.15pm and 2pm). Again, we appreciate your support in ensuring learning is the highest priority at the College.

Naplan results 2019
During term 2, our grade 3, 5, 7 and 9 students undertook NAPLAN for 2019. This included 3 days of national standardised testing on Literacy and Numeracy. The reports have arrived and have been sent home to families.

Term 4 Uniform
In Term 4 students are required to wear the College Summer uniform. As a College we take great pride in our College uniform and how it is worn by our students. We hope that students feel the same sense of pride when wearing our College uniform. Please ensure the uniform guidelines are adhered to by your child. Thank you again for your support.Anthony Oldmeadow
Middle School Principal

Middle School News

House Performing Arts Day

We are very much looking forward to our house performing arts day that will be held next Thursday 12th September. Students should wear their house colours and will then participate in a range of games and activities in the first two sessions to develop house spirit. They will then be cheering on students who will be performing for each house. There will be number of students, and staff singing, dancing and playing musical instruments in a range of exciting performances.

Student sign out.

A reminder to parents that Senior School students who need to sign out early for appointments must have a signed letter of approval from their parent to confirm that they need to leave. Students must then formally sign out at the Yr 9 or Senior School administration areas.

Victorian Young Leaders to China program

8 of our Year 9 students along with Mr Ho attended a pre departure camp last weekend at Melbourne University. Here they met 90 other students and teachers from across Victoria who will travel to China in November for a 6 week experience. The students spent the weekend learning about their upcoming trip, underwent testing of their Chinese language skills, learnt about leadership as well as starting to develop an understanding of Chinese culture and customs. We hope that they all have an amazing trip when they head off next term.

Term 4 Uniform

In Term 4 students are required to wear the College Summer uniform. As a College we take great pride in our College uniform and how it is worn by our students. We hope that students feel the same sense of pride when wearing our College uniform. Please ensure the uniform guidelines are adhered to by your child. Thank you again for your support.

Key dates

Wednesday 11th September – House Performing Arts day

Friday 13th – Tuesday 23rd September – Yr 9 WA Expedition

Friday 20th September – Footy Day and last day of term 3

Term 4

Mon 7th October – student free day

Thurs 17/ Fri 18 October – Year 9 Focus Camp

Tuesday 5th November – Melbourne Cup day

Thursday 7th November – STEAM showcase evening

Monday 11th – Friday 22nd November – Year 11 Exams

Monday 11th – Friday 15th November – VCAL End of Year program

Wednesday 13th November – Yr 10 Drama showcase

Mon 25th – Friday 29th November – Year 10 Exams

Wednesday 4th / Thursday 5th December – Year 9 Exams

Neil Baillie

Senior School Principal

Senior School News