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Wishing Away Worries

Fear and anxiety are part of a normal range of emotions, but there seems to be an increasing number of parents and carers who believe...

Vocabulary is the Cornerstone of Communication

At HGC we emphasise the importance of continually developing a rich vocabulary in EVERY ONE of our students - from Kinder all the way...

Living with Autism

Are you the parent of a child who has a diagnosis of autism? Join in with the free 6 week parenting program where you will...

Tuning Into Teens- 6-week program

Facilitated by ParentZone, this course will provide several skills and strategies to help with everyday parenting challenges, based on emotionally tuned parenting. Understand your child’s emotions. Help your...

Get to Know Screen Time for Parents

HGC's iPad and BYOD program is an integral part of our curriculum. We understand that technology can be a powerful educational tool that offers...


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