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Cafe 115 is killing it in the Coffee Department

If you are in the mood for food made with love and attention to detail, a visit to HGC's Cafe 115 is a must....

Catch up @ Cafe 115

After a morning of child wrangling - organising lunches, pulling kids out of bed, brushing teeth and hair, finding lost shoes and packing books...

PAUSE before you post

The Huffpost offers valuable insight for parents helping their children navigate the online world. There is no doubt that accessing the internet allows children invaluable...

Tackling School Transitions

This month on SchoolTV - School Transitions Whether it is starting school for the first time, moving up to a higher grade or embarking on...

Reducing Exam Anxiety

This month's edition of SchoolTV deals with exam jitters. As our students begin to approach their final years of secondary school, learning healthy habits...

Upcoming Events

Week 8 (B) Commences

Wednesday 29 Nov
HGC Swimming Carnival (Yrs 3-9)

Monday 4 Dec
Week 9 (A) Commences

Tuesday 5 Dec
2018 Year 7 Orientation Day

Wednesday 6 Dec
Year 9 Exams Commence
Year 1-6 Meet the Teacher

Friday 8 Dec
Year 9 Exams Conclude
Year 3 Excursion

Monday 11 Dec
Week 10 (B) Commences
Tuesday 12 Dec
Year 7 Orientation Day

Friday 15 Dec
Year 2 Picnic

Monday 18 Dec
Week 11 (A) Commences
College Activities Week
Years 5 & 6 Epping Leisure City

Friday 22 Dec
Term 4 Concludes – Have a safe and enjoyable break!

Thursday 1 February
All Students Commence

Meet the Teacher


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